Things to Consider Before you Buy a Flat in Mumbai
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In life, all of us make certain important decisions. One such decision is the purchasing of flat. This is one of the ideas that you have been nurturing right from your childhood days. Now, when you want to look for flats in Mumbai, there are a hell lot of options! Amongst all, the new projects in Mulund are one of the finest stays.

It is this final moment where your years of saving and investment may all be invested. While choosing your flat from the new projects in Mulund, you need to consider certain things. They are as follows:

  • Property price

The first and foremost step in purchasing a house is to fix a budget. By this, you will be clear about your limitations as well as you will shortlist those houses that are within your budget. Choose few houses and then make a detailed comparison of them, especially in terms of price. Check out if the builder has offered you a genuine quotation. Ask the brokers of that area regarding the history of the property.

  • Carpet area of the flat

Generally the property area that is listed consists of the shafts, elevator space, staircase, thickness of the walls and the like. The carpet area is that area that is measured within the four walls of your flat. The carpet area can be 25 to 30 per cent less than the total area of the building. However, in certain cases, when you share the floor with another person, the price of common places is also divided between the two.

  • Land record

You should also pay attention to the land upon which your flat is built up. Make a steady research about the quality of soil, its topography, and related other issues. Make sure that the plot that you choose should be free from dues. It should be registered as well. Never choose a disputed property. Later on, you can land up into troubles. Before you make the payment for the house, verify the title deed thoroughly. The deed will give you all the details about the rights, ownership and obligation on the property.

  • Legal check of property

The property that you choose should be legally authorised. This means that the land upon which the property is being built should have proper legal papers. The builder should have approvals and NOCs from the area development authorities, electricity boards, municipal corporations and sewage boards. But if you are opting for a home loan, the respective bank officials will pay a visit to the site to check your property prior to sanctioning the loan.

  • Apartment possession

Delayed possessions of flats have turned out to be a trend these days. As a buyer, you should have a clear idea as to when the flat will be handed down to you. Getting this timeline and maintaining it proves a reliable builder.


So, next time when you are planning to purchase a house or flat in Mumbai, make sure that you go through the following details as have been mentioned here.

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