Apartment Vs. House. Which is Best to Live in?
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Could not decide what to buy- house or apartment? Confused about both?

If you ask me which one is best, I would say that it depends on personal taste. Some people like to stay at the house while others at apartments. You will never find any perfect answer to such confusion.

But based on the convenience and inconvenience, both can be considered.  You can consider these things to help you settle which one to buy. Today I have compared both of these property types and brought some important aspects to think about both.

Few comparisons between the apartments and the house

Have a look

    Neighbours:

The apartments have them more than in your house. In apartments, you will get them at places surrounding you. While in the case of the house, it would depend on the place where you would be building your home.

If you are a neighbor lover, then apartments can be the best options. It has more chances to socialize.

But remember, not all neighbors are friendly and are like you.

    Security issues

The apartments have a high-security system. As it is the matter of so many families, proper security has to be maintained. It is not a problem if you leave for many days just locking your space.

In the case of a house, there is no security guard or system maintained. For the issue, you may install the CCTV cameras or some highly techy gates and doors.

    Pets allowance

The house can be the best-suited place if you have pets. They will find open space and can go anywhere without anybody’s permission.

In case of the apartment as many people are living in a single space, so you need to be more cautious about your pet. They have to be inside the personal area and cannot go freely out. Also, some of those apartments have rules to take everybody’s permission to have a pet.

    Maintenance

As apartments have so many families, so the maintenance is also the responsibility of all. All of them share the cost of taking care of the extra space or the shared space of the apartments.

While in the house, it is a space, which is only owned by you. Therefore, you need to take care which becomes costly many a time. You may need to hire people for getting the task done.

    Parking space

When you have your own house, you can make your own parking space as you wish. But for apartments, you need to buy them or rent them for parking your vehicle. Many times, it is also not possible to find the space too.

    Personal work

If you love gardening or want to decorate, house finds no match. It is our property which is not shared by others. So you can do whatever you want. You can plant trees, paint the outside or even make lawn for evening time.

But for the apartments, it is the matter of many people. So you are not allowed to make any changes to the shared space provided. Yes, if you have space, then you can do it in the place your own.


Now both are having pros and cons. It is now your requirement and choice to decide.  It also depends on the daily life that you lead to choosing the property. Apartments are currently constructed in huge numbers as most of them are in the heart of cities.

If you are looking for 2bhk flats in Mumbai for sale, then have look agents and real estate companies. They can help you get the flat that you are looking for. Hope this would help you to guide about the property buy.


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