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The steam room is very beneficial as it increases blood circulation, open up clogged pores and enhance the feeling of well being. Most of the people go to the gym to visit steam room. However, your bathroom can easily be converted into the steam room.

It is the fact that turning an existing bathroom into a steam room provides you with an invigorating space to which to escape after a long day at work or running errands. This will give you the peace and tranquillity that you will enjoy without any publicity.

Step: 1

Select the Suitable Place

Select the most suitable bathroom in your house to turn into a steam room. Because the smaller room will heat up faster and the heat will be a lot more concentrated. The more prominent place you will select to make your steam room, the more time it will take to get hot. So, consider this fact and after that take choose the right place.

Step: 2

Cover the Gap or Hole of the Bathroom

Use the heavy cloth to cover up any gaps from where the heat can escape. Place a towel on every difference you see in the doorway. To make sure that steam stays concentrated in the bathroom with no leaks, you must make sure that you have covered all gaps and holes in the bathroom.

In case, there is a significant hole or gap in your bathroom that can be filled with a cloth then you can use a high material or thing to cover it.

Step: 3

Fill the Bathtub with water

Now, turn the hot water into your bathtub. You need to point the shower head toward the wall correctly. If you wish the steam to escape and engulf the room then keep the shower curtains open for some time.

It may be possible that the running water will not allow you to do this, but no need to get worried any more; you can do it when the water gets some normal. It will take just some time for the steam to engulf the room with closed curtains.


Step: 4

Let the Steam Engulf You

You can now sit next to the bathtub and let the steam to engulf you; we ensure you that this will make you feel like the best moment of the day when you take some time to relax. The heat will dissolve the excess phlegm and mucus and let you breathe easily. One more benefit of the steam is that it lowers the occurrence of asthma attacks.

You can turn off the hot water when you are not able to tolerate the heat. Once, you have done, you need to take an invigorating cold rinse to make your body cool down.

The steam will benefit you in many ways. Even as per the report of the University of Oulu,  it has been proved that the steam can help you to alleviate asthma, bronchitis and many other respiratory ailments.


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