Best 14 House Front Elevation for Single Floor
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Houses are the most important and also becomes the most precious thing of human life. People are wanted to decorate their houses in different ways. Many people wanted a simple house and many people likes the royal that shows their richness in its friend circle.  There are various types of designs in the market which can give an impressive and classy look to your house. This will give rise to the many famous designers in the world who are well known for their work of Home designing. Following are the Best 14 House Front Elevation for Single Floor.



So, in this article we are going to talk about the 3D House front elevation designs for single floor but before discussing n this matter, we first gone to know about front house. In this article we are try to give you the compete information about House front Elevation designs for single Floor. 

General Details
Total Plot Area : 500 TO 3000 Square Feet
Total Bedrooms : 1 TO 4 BHK
Type : SINGLE Floor
contact no: +918279698629

The minimum construction cost for single floor construction depends upon the built-up area.

for example , the built-up area is 800 sqft and rate 1325/sq.feet in kerala

 Calculation of Construction Cost

800×1325= Rs. 1060,000/- (Including GST )

The average cost to construct of a 800 sq ft of single story house construction is Rs.10,60,000/-.

In Rs.1325/- per sq feet, you will get the,all drawings and floor plans,2D plan,3D elevation,structural layout etc.


Definition of Front House.

The elevation is a drawing that representing the front view of an object or many other things like a building, a door, a cross, a staircase, etc. There are many geometric elevations, perspective elevation, and are also available for the people who follows the courses of the schools and frequents the workshops.

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Each of the exterior faces of a building (main facade, posterior facade, side façades). Front of a building on which opens the main entrance (frontage on street, on court, as opposed to facade on garden). Coastal Region: The Mediterranean facade of France.


Appearance given to something, behavior affected by someone in order to hide his real state: His insurance is a facade; in fact, he is anxious. Face of a piece of furniture, when it affects architectural forms.

2 bhk ground floor house design

Operation whereby a company legally guarantees a risk that it assigns in whole or in part to a company that does not appear in the contract and is, most often, unknown to the insured.

House front elevation: – 

It is usually a technical representation of a building that associates with others, allows an understanding of its features, whether it is built or only a planned construction. Thus, various home plans form the heart of an application for a building permit.

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2 bhk single floor home front design

An architectural drawing is always an application of geometric principles, aesthetic considerations and practical requirements; the whole being framed by conventions. The synthesis and graphic translation of all these requirements are modulated according to the embodiment of the drawing, from the freehand sketch to the most sophisticated computer system.

2 bhk single storey house plans for small family

A given drawing usually belongs to a set of drawings concerning the same building or project. In the case of a project, it is the concretization of the intention of the ultimate decision-maker while leaving a part of the own talent of the architect and even the draftsman.

Best elevations Design .

Exterior Elevation .

Side Elevation

Interior Elevation

Build an elevation: step by step .

Build an elevation of one or more floors is THE good idea to allow you to increase your living space without having to move.

single floor 3 bedroom home

If the owners of a house are more likely to favor the extension to the ground (veranda, terrace …), few are those to opt for the elevation. However, this technique, which makes it possible to overcome the problem of building density, is ideal for increasing the living space, increasing volumes or generating a nice real estate capital gain.

one storey house for small family

However, several aspects must be studied carefully before undertaking this type of work. Analysis of the existing, technical feasibility, budget feasibility, administrative authorizations … we take stock in this article on what you need to know.

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800 sqft home plans

Construction and use of the front wall .

Facade walls can be multi-layered, suspended or anchored. This wall is usually more decorated than other exterior walls. Sensitive to external aggressions, the facade wall must ideally be cleaned. And when it is relatively old, the owners may have to renovate it. Commonly, the wall on which the main entrance of the building is located is referred to as a “front wall”. We are just talking about the front wall.

The elevation of the front walls: The stages of construction .

In the construction of a house, the structural work includes foundations, sanitation, basement, wall elevation, carpentry, roofing and exterior joinery. The next step is the elevation of the walls. Depending on preference, brick, block, stone, wood or cellular concrete are used.The lintels are gradually installed in future locations of doors and windows. It is possible to raise the walls of his house in stone, brick, block, cellular concrete or wood. This process becomes the most helpful element for the construction of walls as well as house elevation.

The adventure of increasing the surface of one’s house by elevation .

A creation of additional living space must pass through a control frame to ensure the feasibility of the project before all things. The feasibility study will ensure you get a summary of all the constraints related to your land, urban planning rules and your home.One of the first rules to consider and integrate absolutely is not to trust even direct neighborhoods, because the divisions of PLU areas is sometimes at your disadvantage and do not grant you the same rules and opportunities to build.

The best approach is:

Retrieve the cadastral map corresponding to your land, for this go to the government website:

Recover the local plan or POS with its rules 

Ask about the presence or absence of special rules (PPRI, Protected area or submitted to ABF).Once these information in your possession, analyze the parts in order to extract the constraints. These constraints will then create a virtual envelope in which your extension project will have to enter.

Difference Between Single Floor and Double Floor

Single Story Double Story
Space Small Large
Definition A separated part that consists of a ground floor only for small family two storey house is a house with two floors for medium and large family
Construction Cost Low constuction cost High construction cost
Type of family Small family Medium and Large family
Budget Range 10-20 Lakhs 20-50 Lakhs
Stairs NO YES
Balcony NO YES



So, here we see all the related information about the front Elevation Design. This design will give you a very attractive house according to your needs. To design their houses becomes the culture of this time. People design their houses for many of their reasons. This will help to redefine their life forever. 


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